For those who already have a good handle on the English language basics and now want to improve their professional business communication, CEC offers seminars and workshops with a variety of methods and theories from top communication trainers. The trainees are active in their learning and are given opportunities to implement what they have learned. Our programs range from 4,5 to 15 hours, depending… Read more →


Language is only one of the many instruments that makes communication possible. So that our clients can build a solid foundation in the language, CEC continues to offer English training, which is specifically geared to filling in the gaps in the trainees’ abilities. In this way, we achieve the most effective and sustainable results with fun and games! CEC offers a… Read more →


CEC’s coaching helps learners to achieve individualized goals and focuses on continuous feedback, expertise training in specific areas of industry and business, and achieves effective, sustainable and efficient results. Our motto is to apply your know-how into do-now. Only through regular training, can learners achieve the goal of doing more with less effort. Further training builds up authenticity in communication… Read more →

Customized Seminars/Blended Learning Projects

“Listen up!” Communicating so People will Listen Be convincing, clear, and authentic: that is the impression we all want to leave when we are communicating, whether in our native language or in a foreign language. If you have international meetings, negotiations, have to pass on information or want to inspire your listeners, our trainers bring you to the next level.… Read more →

Corporate Training Games

Playing is one of the most effective ways for participants to step out of their comfort zones: in a relaxed environment, the participants are able to make mistakes, try new approaches, and test their new limits without risk. A relaxed body and spirit takes in more information, anchors it better and, therefore, learns faster. CEC’s customized corporate training games and… Read more →

Translations & Interpretation

CEC’s network of translators and interpreters make us a one-stop-shop for all business-related communication needs. Whether you need copy for a new website or brochure, require a project or presentation to be translated, offers, or contracts, just enquire and we will be happy to make you an offer. For more information, please contact us. Please send a Word document for… Read more →