You are the expert in your job. You feel comfortable communicating professionally and have no problem convincing your business partners of your abilities or in building relationships – as long as everyone speaks your language. However, when it’s time to perform in English, you feel as if you must hide behind a mask. Afraid of shaming yourself, how are you able to focus on what is happening with your counterpart? If they sense that you feel uncomfortable, you’re liable to create misunderstandings. We understand what is necessary to be your genuine self when you have to “perform” in English. We founded CEC to help you feel as comfortable functioning in English as you would in your own skin. Not hiding behind a mask.


Language is more than what you say. It is inseparable from one’s culture and, therefore, it is necessary to understand how we communicate. We help make you aware of your counterparts’ expectations and communication patterns whether they are in a different country or if you find yourself in a new corporate culture.

Learning is a process and to communicate authentically in English, learners require the opportunity to put what they know into practice. CEC offers the opportunity to each of its trainees to move from know-how to do-now by offering engaging implementation of the language. Trainees are involved in their own learning, get feedbacks and corrections, exchange experiences with one another, and receive input regarding the social competence required in the international business world. The only proof of your success is that you can do what you have been trained to do.

CEC supports new ideas, different perspectives and builds cultural awareness for personal self-development and better communication skills.
CEC supports its clients and its training network through a variety of training methods for effective and sustainable learning.
The CEC Training Network offers its clients all the necessary language and communication resources required for better learning.
CEC builds bridges for better communication between people, communities, and businesses.