Corporate Training Games

Playing is one of the most effective ways for participants to step out of their comfort zones: in a relaxed environment, the participants are able to make mistakes, try new approaches, and test their new limits without risk. A relaxed body and spirit takes in more information, anchors it better and, therefore, learns faster.

CEC’s customized corporate training games and LUDOKI products count as one of the most exciting and highly-developed solutions that we offer.

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LUDOKI Professional English Game

In a playful way, you can build your confidence and authenticity when communicating in English. Fast and long-lasting!

Imagine business without communication. It doesn’t work, right? Experience proves that the quality of the communication has a direct correlation to a business’ success. Nobody knows this better than you!

Since 2003, CEC supports businesses in optimizing their English communication. Together with the language and cultural aspects, authenticity, spontaneity, and trust are what differentiate success from failure in business relationships.

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