Patricia Baker, MA

Freelance Trainer and Oral Linguistics Specialist

Patti Baker has come to Vorarlberg from the U.S. with extensive education and experience in Language Acquisition, with focus on teaching and training teachers in English and English Pronunciation. Her specialty is CEC’s newly developed “Pronunciation Camp”, which focuses on softening accents as well as learning to better understand other accents. She further combines it with a cultural awareness training in what is called “cross talk”, diving deep into not just what we say, but also what people from other cultures really mean.

Brand New! Pronunciation Camp

In Spring 2018, Inet Logistics GmbH in Dornbirn had a participant request help to improve her English pronunciation. Specifically, she wanted to tone down her German accent. With a mixed team from different nationalities and countries, the entire group then requested the same. CEC called in Dr Baker for a mini-camp to help them with this and the participants immediately asked for more and for a company-wide training in the fall.

Currently, CEC is developing the “Pronunciation Camp” to not only help participants learn how to pronounce English better but to also better understand their international business colleagues and customers. Language is one factor, cultural understanding to avoid what is called “cross-talk” is the other aspect. Imagine finally having the knowledge you need to understand your contacts in, for example, Asia, in Australia, in Scotland, in America, in France, or in Spain!

Dr Baker has travelled the world training ESL instructors and visiting professors on how to better improve their language so that their students walk away speaking better English and their students in the universities can better understand the nuances of communication.

The seminar is tailored to company needs and participant’s wishes and levels.