Jessica Vander Stoep, M. Ed.

Language Coach and Trainer

Masters of Education, DE and EN Language Coach, Pedagogical Expertise, Cambridge Exam Interlocutor

Focus: German, English, Listening Skills, Grammar and Business English

All levels.

Like Chrystyna, Jessica is a native of Minnesota (USA). She has a bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and first came to Vorarlberg to teach English. She liked it so much, that after she completed her master’s in teaching at St. Cloud State, University of Minnesota, she had to come back. Jessica is excellent at working with trainees whose strength lie with auditory learning.


For those who require focus on building up their confidence in using English in international business situations – whether from the beginning or at the higher correction level-Jessica Vander Stoep has the expertise, the skills and the know-how. With engaging and fun trainings, she brings her participants to the next level by picking them up where they are and providing them with the tools they need to build on their skills.

All trainings and content are based on consultations with the employer and the candidates.