Chrystyna K. Lucyk-Berger

Owner, Project Manager, Consultant, Developer, Trainer


After years of traveling and working abroad, Chrystyna moved from the U.S. to Vorarlberg, Austria. She enjoys working with people, exchanging experiences (and stories) as well as life-long learning, all of which make her an engaged and creative trainer. She values getting to know each trainee in order to create a program that best builds and maintains their communication and language skills. “If you can perform and implement what we have been training in English, imagine what you can do in your native language.”

Chrystyna founded CEC as a place where a person can learn languages and communication in a creative and eye-opening environment. Her expertise is in:

  • Business topics
  • Self-development in soft skills
  • Business writing in English (PR, marketing & advertising)
  • Customized corporate training games development
  • Pedagogical consultations
  • Cross-cultural and intercultural awareness training

She is your contact for planning and organizing trainings.


Trainer Network

Our professional training network is made up of self-employed trainers who, over the years, have helped build CEC into a unique brand in language and communication training.

Each trainer focuses on communication and language skills, and is also coach and consultant. The trainer pool is exceptionally active in building and maintaining long-lasting partnerships with its clients, especially in achieving individualized goals.

Each trainer offers their own unique background and experiences; together with an eagerness to learn from their trainees, this regularly leads to the development of new games and learning materials.



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